Support Services

Azure Support Services enables people with different levels of need to live a full and active life.

Our Aim

Azure’s aim is to support Clients to achieve autonomy, exercise their personal freedoms and make choices about the lives they lead. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and are delivered in a flexible, personalised way (24/7 if required).

Our Staff

Our staff are experts and experienced in mentoring and supporting the development of life-skills and assisting Clients to engage with the broader community. We work with each of our Clients to understand and support their personal aspirations, their interests and their active participation in not only leisure and recreational activities but also employment opportunities.   

Our Organisation

As an organisation, we are committed to delivering high quality care and support that affords our Clients with a sense of continuity and accountability for all working practices and we are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide personal care.

Our Clients

Above all, we are determined that to protect and secure our Client’s rights to high quality care and to ensure that our clients live happy and fulfilling lives.



What We Do

Our key objectives are designed to protect and serve our clients.  More specifically we aim to ensure that our Clients:

  • Experience and exercise their personal freedoms
  • Receive (as a minimum) the care to which they are entitled
  • Are actively involved in developing their support plans and defining their support arrangements with their families and/or social care managers
  • Can rely on the Charity to represent their interests and act as an advocate on their behalf
  • Engage in normal community experiences and access local facilities
  • Exercise greater choice over their place of residence by regularly reviewing their needs and wishes
  • Contribute to the development of our service offer by being consulted on a regular basis
  • Enjoy a greater circle of informal support in and across their lives
  • Receive personalised support programmes to enable them to achieve greater control over all aspects of their lives.

Our Approach

Everyone has a right to the best life possible and that includes people with learning disabilities. But people with learning and/or physical disabilities face obstacles that are hard to imagine – their challenges can be complex and lifelong.

Even so, with the right care, support and encouragement, we believe everyone with a learning disability can find more enjoyment, comfort and satisfaction in their lives.

That’s why everything we do is centred on the people we support.

Azure’s model of Person-Centred Active Support (APCAS) ensures that we focus on the specific needs of each person, being creative about the kind of personal care and support we offer.

We work hard to understand our Client’s changing needs and provide services and support that make a real difference to their lives.

Providing person-centred support requires us to understand the people we support.

This may seem obvious, but it is important to note that this understanding is not limited to knowing how to meet people’s assessed needs.

Person-centred support requires an understanding of what is important to each Client and what they want for their future.  Everything we do is based on their view of what a ‘best possible life’ looks like.

Our Support Staff work with Clients to express their preferences, identify their personal interests, strengths and also what they may find challenging.

Our approach ensures that our Client’s exercise more control over their lives and exercise their personal choices and experience greater levels of independence.