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Salaried employees (only) have an entitlement of not less than 20 days holiday (depending upon start date) in the year of joining.

At the beginning of each holiday year (on 1st February) your period of service will determine any additional holiday entitlement.

  • Greater than 1 year of service = 21 days
  • Greater than 2 years = 22 days
  • Greater than 3 years = 23 days
  • Greater than 4 years = 24 days
  • Greater than 5 years = 25 days holiday. 25 is the maximum paid holiday entitlement.

For part time staff pro-rata adjustment is applied to entitlement. In addition to the above all full time employees are entitled to 8 “statutory” days holiday. Special rules apply to part time staff.

Holidays for casual staff, not contracted to specific hours and not obliged to be offered or to accept work when offered, will build up an entitlement pro rata to full time according to the time worked in the holiday year (if any). 

Carers Planting Flowers

Life Assurance Scheme

Permanent salaried employees (only) below the age of 65 are automatically members of a life assurance scheme which, in the event of death whilst in the employment of the Company, provides a lump sum benefit of twice the employee’s basic salary at the date of death.


Son and Father

Pension Scheme

The Company operates a Group Personal Pension Plan for employees through a major insurance company with payment administration being dealt with by Azure. In setting up this plan we have met the criteria which exempts us from having to offer access to a separate Stakeholder scheme. In addition to employee contributions, the Company will also make a contribution at a percentage of the employee’s relevant earnings.


Young trainee recieving advice from experience worker


Salary, allowances and any other remuneration items will be reviewed at the discretion of the Company each year. Currently the salary review date is 1st April.


Azure Training


Azure has a strong and ongoing commitment to staff training and development (including Health & Social Care qualifications.)


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Azure Garden Centre – Discount Card

Permanent salaried employees (only) are eligible for discount at Azure Garden Centre, Cramlington, which entitles employees (only) to 20% discount on selected goods.