Community Access

Community Access

What we do

Community access provides one to one support to over 150 clients to access activities within the community.

The Support we offer

The team can support you to:

  • maintain your home
  • manage your bills & finance 
  • go shopping
  • access your community

Local Activities

We can help you take part in a range of activities of your choice: such as swimming, cinema, theatre, fishing, dancing, bowling or any activity you may want to do such as attending colleges, day centres or night classes.

All support is individually designed with selected staff to meet your needs and interests. The times and days you have support are tailored to accommodate your lifestyle.

As well as utilising public transport we can organise a vehicle to support you to wherever you want to go. Outreach supports individual's with a wide range of abilities from the age of 13 and upwards.

Seeking employment

Outreach also provides a supported employment service to our clients who wish to pursue employment opportunities.

The department will find suitable employment for you, based on what you tell us you want to do. Your employer will teach us how to do all aspects of the job and then we will train you to do the job to the standard expected by the employer.


We will train you for as long or as little as it takes before you and your employer are in agreement that we can withdraw our support. Should any part of your work change, we will come back and train you in the new routine and again support you until you are ready to work unsupported.

We can also train you to travel independently to work should you also want or need this. We support people in employment who work one day a week through to people who want to work full time.